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Premiere CS4 lost all keyboard shortcuts

Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:22 am

OK, normally I wouldn't go to the trouble to start a new thread but this one had me baffled. I work at a school district as IT support. One of the teachers at a particular high school uses Adobe Premiere CS4 in a class he teaches and has had very few problems thus far. All of a sudden (I don't really know if he's telling me the whole story here but it's irrelevant) his keyboard shortcuts stopped working in Premiere. If I go to the keyboard shortcut menu in Premiere where you can assign custom shortcuts, indeed all the actions that can be assigned shortcuts are completely blank. I see no way to reset this to factory default. I even went so far as to go to his %APPDATA% to rename the preferences folder, and relaunch Premiere so that it could create a new set of preferences. Create a new folder it did, although all of the shortcuts were still missing. Google search after Google search on a myriad of keywords has turned up little to no information on this issue, so I have to believe it is not a widespread problem. When TR gerbils put their heads together I've seen some pretty amazing results, so what say ye? Anyone seen this issue before? Any Premiere aficionados want to weigh in?
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