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What Windows Virtual Machine software is your favorite?

14 (44%)
Virtual Box
11 (34%)
6 (19%)
Other (Post it!)
1 (3%)
Total votes: 32
just brew it!
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Re: Favorite Windows VM Software

Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:37 pm

NovusBogus wrote:
What about moving VMs, will Windows detect the changed motherboard and require re-activation?

If you are moving the VM to a similar host and use the virtualization software's "clone" tool (which preserves the MAC addresses of the virtual NICs and the VM's machine UUID) I believe you will be OK in many cases. I've done it a few of times.

Note that continuing to use the source VM after setting up the destination VM is a EULA violation unless you're volume licensed...
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Re: Favorite Windows VM Software

Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:41 am

just brew it! wrote:
Been using VirtualBox for a few years on both Windows and Linux hosts. I realize that VMware does some things better, but VirtualBox is good enough, free, and I'm familiar with it.

New owners of the company I work for require that everyone's primary desktop run Windows 7 Enterprise. I' m more of a Linux guy (and develop stuff for Linux targets), so I guess I will be making even more use of VirtualBox going forward. I've already got a pretty nice Kubuntu 12.04 VM set up that I am migrating most of my day-to-day development work to.

I tend to agree with JBI's assessment. Virtualbox isn't the ultimate VM in features, but it is pretty simple to setup and get running for my needs when I need to have Windows running on top of Linux (seamless mode is fun too).
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