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Re: Firefox vs Chrome (Speed and Usability)

Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:38 pm

It could be a DNS issue.

If you have a free 8GB+ flash drive, you could install Linux on it then boot from the drive. You could then download the latest Firefox tarball from Mozilla that way you would be on the same version as on Windows. I would suggest CrunchBang or something RedHat based since I know they don't use any DNS trickery. It's easy enough to disable dnsmasq in Ubuntu derived distro, but it's one more step.

If it is a DNS issue, there are a lot of nice tools to help diagnose the issue.

steelcity_ballin wrote:
NotSureIfSeriousOrTroll wrote:
Can you provide links to good flash developers?


Rob Dillon. Flash and Director bad-ass. Also my professor for a time.

I was looking for a portfolio I could benchmark. As it stands, LinkedIn loads fine.

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