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Re organizing OS whilst upgrading SSD but what goes where?

Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:51 am

Can someone set me straight re organizing my software setup.
Present Setup: 840 120GB ssd with windows 7 64 bit plus, all the accessories that went onto it.
(NB. computer shop did the install due to I have horrendous internet speed)
2TB hdd partitioned into 3 drives of photos 2. gaming programs, backup and some other accessories)
The ssd is clogging up.

AIM Wish to reorganise my drives and upgrade to 180GB ssd for the OS (win7 64bit) & only necessary accessories that must go on the same drive as this OS is on. (this was original plan but the 180 ssd was D.O.A. but now have replacement)

my plan:
1. larger SSD 180 GB os7 only (has 16GB RAM)
2. 1st HDD 1TB for all programs (except for a flight sim)
3. 2nd HDD 2TB for music, videos & pictures
4. smaller SSD 120 GB dedicated for flight sim? Or does it just go onto the 1TB HDD and I use the 120 for something else eg using it for the 1TB hdd as its own super fast cache drive??? .

Does it make sense to add the 120GB drive as a dedicated cache for the 1TB HDD with the programmes on ??
[ WD has launched the Black 2 Dual Drive in 2 ½” version ], my thinking is the os on the 180 ssd does it’s thing and the programmes run from the HHD which has its own personal ultra fast ssd cache drive when needed. Or have I missed the boat some where?

Software I will be using: (doesn’t require blitzing speed)
Corel Draw (used for basic designing)
Photo Paint (for photo editing)
Auto CAD 2D (nothing fancy as it is only 2D version)
Video mp3 player
Asus's tweaking suite
Bench marking & Tweaking software,
Need speed for: NFS shift 2 and X-Plane 10 flight sim (requires 80GB + add-ons)
I have installed NFS on the HDD and it works fine
and wish to get Watch Dogs later too.

1 other thing, 1TB is huge for running programs .. or was it? Do I just get a 2TB drive (does use 40% more power though)

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