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PBX for Cell Phone?

Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:37 pm

I'm starting to tread into new territory here. I'd like to stop carrying both of my phones (personal and business) and just carry the personal but do all of my business off of it. I'd like to instead leave my business cell for someone else to carry, answer calls and make appointments, ect. The issue is that I currently have my cell plan for both phones through AT&T which is fine, but I'd like to keep the number. AT&T does not offer anything that allows me to keep my number. So I've come across multiple Virtual PBX systems online that allow you to keep your number, and I'd assume have the number forward automatically to the PBX system which would then handle call forwarding, voicemail, extensions and what not. Ideally (in my head) the customer calls, it gets sent to the PBX immediately which then forwards the call to my employee's number to answer the call (a cell phone), who could then have the functionality to transfer the call to me. That's all I really need at this point, I realize some of these virtual PBX systems include things like call waiting music, automated attendants, department extensions. Those are all great and I'm sure I'd be able to use them, but they are just extras and not needed. is one service I found, but I was curious if anyone has used this or others and could steer me in the right direction for a reliable and inexpensive service to do this?
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Re: PBX for Cell Phone?

Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:35 am

I may be completing inept to answer this question, but Google Voice for an easy transfer and routing of calls? I think that's about all it does besides a separate voicemail, but is that too simple of a platform for you? ... one-system

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