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Google Business Email FAIL!

Mon Aug 11, 2014 3:25 pm

I'm finding it harder and harder these days to believe that Google really gives a damn. My client hasn't been able to access his business email account with Google due to someone other than him changing the password (most likely compromised) about 3 days ago. All of their email recovery options assume you have a working email or phone hooked up to the account, which he has neither. His recovery email isn't active anymore, and the phone, well he never added it :|. A few days prior when his credit card went expired his account suspended and couldn't access his email, we promptly put the new CC in which took it 6+ hours to re-activate his account. No warning that it was overdue, and why suspend an email account to a business customer!? At least allow them to see their existing emails, suspend incoming and outgoing or something, put those in limbo. Even a simple software dev like HarvestApp does it right. If the person stops paying for their account, you will always have access to the information you just can't add more (tracking your time). This is peoples livelihood your talking about, not their freemail account linking to their favorite youtube channels with cats and the latest Call of Duty montage. Seriously, huge oversight Google.

I've been sitting on the phone for 32:35 seconds as of this writing listening to a short 30 second portion of "Symphonie En Ut Mineur Allegro Molto" on repeat over and over again. It reminds me what a circus Google can really be when it doesn't care about a product that it has released. Why paint your clients into a corner making account recovery next to impossible without an alternative email or a phone? I get the security thing but this is ridiculous. If this was a true "Enterprise" or "Business" email solution, companies can't afford to be without their email for 3+ days. Get your s*** together Google.

I don't think I can honestly recommend Google Business/Apps to someone after this. Not to mention when the client himself called into what is generically called Google Wallet support now, he was told it was an issue with his local ISP's email account, which it isn't. They also suggested that he drive to a library for internet access as that might help him login to his account..................... Yeah.... uhh, i'm not going to touch that comment for anything.

How the hell can Google seriously just be this piss poor with their support?

*Updated* Still on Hold 37:43

*Updated* Still on Hold 1:03:26! Whoohooo, over 1 hour! I feel like I deserve a birthday cake from Google now.
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Re: Google Business Email FAIL!

Mon Aug 11, 2014 3:30 pm

The non-profit my parent's work for moved from an internal Exchange host to gmail. They are not fans at all. Some things work better than I expected them to (calenders) but the basic e-mail stuff just isn't right.
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Re: Google Business Email FAIL!

Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:13 pm

Google is a data mining company that offers a bunch of stuff as-is to increase their access to said data. While one part of the company may offer paid business services for the lulz, it isn't really in their culture to actually do it right.

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