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Formula 1: Aeroscreen, flip flop, or nothing

Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:32 pm

We have three options so far:

Nothing: keep it pure - no protection
Red Bull aeroscreen: I like this one as it actually looks good
Ferrari flip flop: absolutely disgusting

Something like Rain-X can be applied to the Red Bull solution to keep the rain away with the addition of tear offs removed during pit stops.

I'm old school so I agree with Martin Brundle that risk is part of the deal and a single seater should have no overhead protection. Beef up the helmets if you must (it was the plastic visor that let the spring in for Massa).

On a side note I think Formula 1 should go back to manual transmissions. Nothing separates the men/gals from the boys/girls (and yes, I want to see woman in F1) more than a missed shift. There is nothing worse than a flappy paddle transmission.
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Re: Formula 1: Aeroscreen, flip flop, or nothing

Sun May 01, 2016 1:03 am

The Aeroscreen looks alright, cars from the 70s had similar screens (though not highly protective). The flip flop is lunacy.

I think Formula 1 should go back to manual transmissions

IMO they should completely change the restrictions to reinvigorate the racing again. It's been said for years but the focus on aerodynamics is harmful to overtaking in corners. Active suspension, four-wheel steering and asymmetric braking should be allowed and engine variables should be more liberal (variable inlet/exhaust/valve-timing/etc.). As an added benefit these technologies are actually useful for production cars.
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