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TR Football 2017

Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:53 pm

I now officially despise Yahoo (though after a season on ESPN in a work league, they're worse). Yahoo has been bugging me to auto-renew Keepers and Bounties for a month now. When I clicked on the "don't auto-renew" button, both leagues disappeared from Yahoo's database without any warning that that was the consequence of clicking that button and I can't recreate them with just a few clicks. Bloody wankers.

Don't worry, I can still grab the relevant details from Fantasy Profile for both leagues (rosters from Keepers, managers from Bounties), so expect some links to PDFs (for Keepers) and random Yahoo e-mails (for Bounties) in the next couple of months while I recreate the leagues from scratch. I just tried to avoid Yahoo monetizing clicks way before we need to draft and Yahoo boned me when I tried to save you from the clickbait.

Much more news in August. June is FAR TOO EARLY to worry about fantasy football, yet Yahoo has backed me into it.

How much did that scrunt walk away with??
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