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Bonds doesnt understand?

Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:11 am

WTF!! How clear can the questions be? I hope they nail his arse to the board big time..Clemens as well if he is indeed guilty. Sports stars/wealthy people seem to be gettin passes for far far too long :evil:
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Re: Bonds doesnt understand?

Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:37 am

Why would he understand? He's always been in the position of dictating thing, he had probably never had to account for himself before. This is a guy that has been coddled and babied his whole life. He probably has no idea how to be the one getting dictated to.
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Re: Bonds doesnt understand?

Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:19 pm

He understands that he is paying his lawyers good money and obviously is following their lead on how to attack the charges so he does not go to jail. I'm not sure the surprise. Now if it works, I will be surprised, but I'm not a lawyer.
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Re: Bonds doesnt understand?

Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:53 pm

It worked for Slick Willie, didn't it?
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Re: Bonds doesnt understand?

Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:41 pm

Bonds doesn't understand 2 +2, so anything beyond that is no surprise.

Although I can't understand how he went from being Urkel in his rookie year to Conan without drugs. Oh, wait....
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Re: Bonds doesnt understand?

Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:14 am

I think Bonds "gets it" - I think he's just doing whatever he can to try and beat the rap. He sees OldLOL out there fighting it so he thinks maybe he needs to fight it in his own way.

edit: besides, it seems like it's pretty common. I had a feeling it was, and the article backs that thought up:

Such motions to dismiss cases are frequently filed, though rarely granted in federal criminal cases

Standard procedure, ma'am.
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