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Bathurst 1000

Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:45 am

While watching F1 qualifying Speed TV told us that we Yanks will see the Bathurst 1000 live on Speed TV. It's 7:00PM on a Saturday evening for me, but to see that race on that track, I'll make time. The TiVo will catch it all in case I'm not there.

I've seen the YouTube of the "Lap of the Gods" and I've caught bits of the race itself every now and then. I'll be watching the whole thing this year.

EDIT: Likely the fastest lap that will ever be run at Mount Panorama, courtesy of Jenson Button and his F1 car:

F1 races here would be glorious, but there's no way in hell the circuit would ever meet safety standards without destroying the things that make it a great track.

EDIT 2: Overhead shot:
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