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NFL Season

Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:07 pm

Well, this week was interesting. I can't believe Washington beat the Saints :o I'm not vested in either team but I am surprised.

Happy to see my Texans win but the Dolphins gave them more trouble than one of the weaker teams in the NFL should have. I'm kind of looking forward to next weeks Browns vs Bengals after seeing this weeks play by the Browns--and the Bengals, although not great last year, weren't the laughingstock I remember. Broncos vs Falcons might be good too--the Falcons are inconsistent but I'm interested in seeing how Manning is working out for them. I dont' see much else next week that looks exciting; if the Texans can't beat the frigging Jags I'll be very sad and shocked. What are ya'lls picks for interesting games next week, and does anyone have picks for the bowl yet? I don't personally--I never do until at least a month in :wink:
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