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Forum rules and guidelines *updated 2008-02-08*

Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:42 pm

Tech Report Comments and Forum Rules and Guidelines

1.) No posting links/hints/suggestions/etc for warez/serials/no-cd cracks/keygens/etc. This includes using virtual CD programs or other things to get around copy-protection. There are other places on the Internet where you can get help with those kinds of things. Any post containing such things will be deleted or edited and the poster will receive a warning. Continued posting of such things will result in a ban. This includes unauthorized file sharing of copyrighted materials as well as linking or mentioning sites/sources whose primary purpose is to share such materials.

2.) Personal attacks are frowned upon. If you have to resort to such behavior, perhaps you belong someplace else. It is understandable that some discussions can get heated but try to maintain civility. If you cannot, you may be subject to censure or other disciplinary measures.

3.) Do not use image tags to display pictures in a thread if you don't own, control, have permission, or are responsible for the server on which the images are hosted. Posting links to images is fine but we don't want to use up other people's bandwidth. Image hosting services are available at places such as TinyPic or Photobucket.

4.) Many of the individual forums have specific rules (such as the Bargain Basement) that need to be followed. These will be posted as announcements at the top of the forums for your reading ease.

5.) Do not post the same thread in multiple forums at the same time. Duplicate threads will be deleted. This does not include posting a topic that someone else posted months ago. While usually considered bad form, this certainly isn't worth moderating excessively.

6.) Try to find the correct forum to post your thread.

7.) Signing up for multiple accounts is lame. Just don't do it.

8.) Remember that The Tech Report is a public place with readers of all ages, so act appropriately. Porn links/images are not acceptable and in the memorable words of Justice Stewart, "I know it when I see it." Also, please refrain from using profanity on the site. Posts with profanity will be modified by the word filter or moderated. Profanity in thread titles is very strictly moderated since they show up in the Hot Threads list on the front page. This includes milder forms of profanity that even the word filter doesn't catch.

9.) Signature guidelines: Signatures must not exceed 100px in height. This includes both images and text. For reference, five lines of standard size text is a little under 100px in height. Animation images in signatures are not allowed, this includes animated smilies. The width of images in signatures must not be overly large (don't break the page in standard size browser resolutions). Signature content must conform to the other forum rules and is also up to the discretion of the forum administrators. Religious or political content is forbidden in signatures that appear outside of the R&P forum.

10.) No trolling, spamming, or other deliberate obnoxious behavior that is judged to be detrimental to the forums. This is, of course, a judgment call by the moderators and administrators.

11.) If your post has been edited by a mod, please do not re-edit your post. Talk to the moderator who edited your post or an administrator before submitting an edit.

12.) Ad-blocking software: Since advertisements are the primary source of revenue for the Tech Report, all links/hints/recommendations/suggestions for ad-blocking software will be deleted. This includes flash blocking but does NOT include pop-up blocking. Basically, treat ad-blocking like warez where the forums are concerned. Philosophical discussions are okay, suggesting people use it (or linking to it) is not.

13.) Although we welcome the participation of representatives from industry firms, stealth viral marketing activities are strictly prohibited here. Participants who are employed in the PC hardware industry, either directly or via an arrangement with a third party, must disclose their affiliations up front, either in a public post, a note in their signature, or both. Note that "employed" in this context extends to those who are compensated in the form of product samples, attention, and other means. If you engage in stealth viral marketing activity, you may be banned, and you also immediately forfeit your protection under the TR privacy policy. You have been warned.

Finally, the moderators are here to help keep the forum running smoothly. They aren't here to make your forum life miserable. If you have a problem with the actions of a moderator, please talk to the moderator or one of the forum administrators (Kevin or just brew it!) through the private messaging (PM) system. We will do all that we can to work the situation out.

For discussion of these rules and guidelines, please post in the following thread:


Thank you,

Your TR Forum Admins and Moderators

*Edited on 2012-10-12: Added rule 13.

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