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A pair of bannings: Shintai and Proesterchen

Tue Apr 17, 2007 11:30 am

FYI, after much consideration, I have banned Shintai and Proesterchen. I am not sure whether they were marketing drones of some sort or seriously earnest in their fanboyism, but the distinction is ultimately unimportant. They were unrelenting in offering up the party line and almost overwhelming in their constant output. They degraded the character of virtually every discussion in which they participated and altered the tenor of the site as a result. This is as much about the front-page comments as it is the forums--more so, in fact.

I should have done this long ago, but we are slow to anger around here. Anyhow, it's finally done.

Let this serve as an example to future would-be marketroids wanting to infest our discussions. You have no business here.
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