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Thu Jul 21, 2005 11:58 am

Ya, I know what you mean, its a werid thing that just giving the system time to sit can make it magically start working and you never have problems with it again :P...

I think im going to do that with my system as im having some problems with it now after I messed with some BIOS settings lol. I even reset them by taking out the CMOS battery :P... I think ill wait it out like you ;) Im not in dire need of using my computer, I think im going to get out of the house for a few weeks since the forum pace seems to have slowed quite a bit lately. I think that its because all of the new tech came out, and people had stuff to talk about and shared their tweaks and stuff, now we have to wait for another wave in tech to see the traffic again. Im betting my cash on the forums going crazy again once the ATI R520 comes out ;) That should make some noise.
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