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Ivy Bridge Xeon E3-12x5 v2 and Turbo Core on all 4 cores?

Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:25 am

I've been building AMD systems for myself for a number of years now, both because I'm a cheapskate and because AMD's desktop CPUs have tended to have the same ECC capability as their server parts, thus allowing me to migrate my desktop hardware with fast-ish non-ECC RAM to low-ish wattage Linux home server duties with ECC RAM as I purchase new desktop hardware.

Now the time has come to build an Ivy Bridge desktop used primarily for gaming, and since I'd prefer to be able to migrate it to low-power Linux home server use with VM capability and ECC RAM, I've more or less decided on an IB Xeon, since this will likely also make a fine low-power Linux box a couple of years down the road.

Now, some ASUS motherboards allows for pegging all 4 cores of a non-K SB/IB cpu at their max (+4 speed grades) Turbo Core frequency permanently via a software tweak.

Does anyone know of any C206 or C216-based Xeon motherboards which support a similar feature? 3.4 -> 3.8 or 3.5 -> 3.9 is still +11% for free and since I plan on fitting a decent air cooler, the extra wattage is likely not going to be an issue at all, since I'm not going to overvolt.

To be honest, Intel's product segmentation strategy annoyes the hell out of me -- A Z77-based motherboard with a Xeon would be ideal except for the fact that the Z77 chipset doesn't appear to support ECC... :evil:
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