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Re: Need help fine-tuning this Z77 gaming build

Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:56 am

JohnC wrote:
You don't have to switch default power plan to "high performance", there won't be any noticeable performance increases if you'll do so... You can disable "sleep" for your SSD/HDD in any power plan.

Ok, thanks!

DPete27 wrote:
automaticus wrote:
One mounting hole of the motherboard was plugged by a plastic peg that fit perfectly through the hole and was already present inside the case.... that's a case feature to help align the mobo properly during installation.


JohnC wrote:
Looks like you put a pretty large amount of thermal paste on your CPU

Yeah, that looks like at least twice the TIM that should have been used. You should be using about a grain of rice worth of TIM.

That case's front panel USB3.0 doesn't have an internal USB3.0 header? That's a shame. Oh well, it still works.

Note to self: use less thermal paste next time.

And no, the plug coming from the front panel is a regular USB 3.0 plug, not a motherboard-compatible connector. With a connector converter piece, I could attach it to the mobo internally, but the way it is doesn't really bother me right now.

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