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1.0 TB notebook hard drive for $72

Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:06 am

Newegg has the 1.0 TB Samsung Spinpoint M8 ST1000LM024 on sale for $90 -18 code "EMCNJNJ26". ... 6822152291

This drive is 9½ mm tall, so it will fit into your notebook. The larger/faster drives that are currently available are too tall for many notebooks (15 mm). This is a 5400 rpm drive with an 8 MB cache. Average seek time is 12 ms. Average latency is 5.6 ms.

Even if a mechanical hard-drive is too slow to go into a notebook that only has room for one internal drive (which would of course be an SSD), this could be a good drive to install in a lightweight external USB enclosure for archiving the photos/videos/etc. that won't fit on your SSD. ... 6817576016

A 0.75 TB 7200 rpm drive like the Western Digital Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT is $90. ... 6822136835

A 1.0 TB SSD is $1000 to $2550. ... 6820227797 ... 6820226360

0.5 TB SSDs are $150 to $600. ... ageSize=50
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Re: 1.0 TB notebook hard drive for $72

Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:52 pm

You could also use them to create a hot-swap RAID array housed in a 5.25" drive bay: ... 6816215222
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