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Dell 2405FPW (UK) - £603 inc VAT and shipping

Wed Oct 26, 2005 3:29 pm

Dell's website has their 2405FPW (24" widescreen LCD) for £603.06, including VAT and shipping. (The UK in the post topic refers to the fact that it's a UK deal, unlike seemingly every other topic in this forum - it doesn't mean the monitor is a special "UK edition" or anything like that.)

I daresay in the US you can get it for half the price with rebates, but for us disadvantaged Brits this is a damn good price. Most 21" LCDs cost more than this. I ordered on Saturday, arrived Tuesday evening, so looks like the "5-7 days" shipping estimate is fairly conservative. Comes with a 3 year next-day warranty too.

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