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Dell 1080p 21.5" S2240L IPS display for $126 shipped

Thu May 30, 2013 3:14 pm ... 6824260108

DSKBNCE27 is the promo code for 10% off of 139.99, good through tomorrow 5/31. I just got this monitor in today, as I discussed in dymt:r, and it's a pretty good looking monitor. "bezel-less" design, the front is just a solid sheet of - I dunno, glass or plastic, and it has a glossy finish. VGA and HDMI only with a headphone jack for audio out, though. You can spend $10 more for DVI but the promo code doesn't apply so it's more like $25 more. Probably a poor choice if your window is over your shoulder but in my case it's not so meh. Anyway it's pretty slick and a pretty good deal.
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