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Corsair 330R for $60-50

Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:14 pm ... 1-139-023&

This is one of the deals on Newegg today. As someone that owns that case, it's a steal at even the $60 pre-MIR (which I never count). If someone has been hesitant about pulling the trigger on this case, now is your time. As an owner of the case, my suggestion is to get a bottom 140mm fan and to buy 2 x 300R HDD Cage Upgrade ( ... parts.html) from Corsair's site. Get 2 of them as once installed, you can actually fit 4 more HDD trays in there (even though the kit only comes with 2). Get the second one just for the 2 more trays IMO. After upgrade you get a total of 8 HDDs in a nice quiet enclosure.
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Re: Corsair 330R for $60-50

Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:48 pm

Looks like a nice Quiet case...def worth the money. I would put 2 high quality 140mm fans in the front, 1 in the bottom and the rear 120mm as intakes to make a positive airflow case. Then add a 240-280mm AIO cooling system in the roof on exhaust, but run it at a low speed for silence or add 2 more quality fans for a push pull on the radiator if they would fit. I would also cleanly seal up all grates/openings in case with black electrical tape from the inside to make it air tight. I do not mean just slap on a quality job "break out the x-acto knife" and it would look nice to the point you would not even notice the tape.

As for video card or cards I would get blower type cards so all the heat gets expelled out the back with the help of the positive air pressure. I wish Arctic Cooling would make some AM blower type cooler's " a triple slot blower would be nice" like they used to make. My favorite blower cooler is made by HIS like this ... llFullInfo with the EVGA classified coming in second.
It would be nice if they just got rid of the grills on all blower coolers. All they do is restrict airflow...just have the heatsink stick out as much as the DVI outputs do for more surface area and no restriction.

Nvidias 780/titan blower is nice also........I am hoping AMD's 290x blower system is not too loud but with AMD's history with blower coolers and price cutting I highly doubt it will be very quiet. Not that I would care since when I game seriously I use g-930 headphones that have never giving me a problem with lag ,hiss or anything and produce dang good surround watching movies with them on. Also I am waiting for TR's review to see if a 290x is in my future or I am staying on the green team on my gaming rig since my 2 560 ti's 1gb frame buffer is way long in the tooth...AMD has my business on HTPC/light gaming. I do not know if it is just me but AMD cards seem to play videos better with better color etc compared to Nvidia cards. Now I am going of my 1st hand exp with 560 ti cards. I have no clue if the 600/700series cards improved video playback since I do not own one to try on my panasonic VT30 that I think is much better then any IPS panel for video since Plasma gives the best contrast ratio by far....when my VT30 puts up a black screen it does not light up the room like LCD's do Its actually black.
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