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XFX R290 $365 and $30mail in rebate

Sun May 25, 2014 10:00 am ... 6814150697

After you apply the discount code DEALN5W322
you end up at $365. You can print out and mail in
the rebate form if you want.

There is one trick tho... you are charged and discounted the
$119 "free" game codes bundle. IF you return the card
I believe you do NOT get a "downloaded software" refund!

EDIT.... looking at reviews you will need to up the fan speeds from default
of a quiet 45% to keep the VRM temps down (100+C and throttle) and need good case air flow
as it dumps heat inside the case. ... iew_138612
They were able to OC it to a 290x level.
This an april review.

Another review did not mention the VRM temp problem. March review ... eview.html


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