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Re: RAM prices

Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:36 pm

kvndoom wrote:
Heh, my first RAM purchase was 4 megabytes for $180. It was so I could play DOOM without stuttering on my 486. Wow, 1993 dollars. :o

An 8MB SIMM for around $500 in 1995-1996. I'm perfectly fine with current RAM prices using these two examples for perspective.

DDR4 prices have nearly doubled in a year. I bought a 16GB kit for less than $75 this time last year, almost to the day, and the same kit is currently about $140.

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Re: RAM prices

Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:55 pm

I paid $400 for a 2 MB fast RAM board for the Amiga 2000 in '85 or '86.
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Re: RAM prices

Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:52 pm

IIRC, in 1984 I paid a $256 fee to upgrade my 8086 Compaq Deskpro system from the factory 512K to 640K. Thats kB not MB.
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