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Dead PCIe Slot *or* Did Kretschmer Wreck a Cap?

Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:36 pm

Edit: I'm a noob; cleared BIOS and everything is working fine.

I recently built a i7 7700K/GTX 1070 build in a Node 304 ITX case. Motherboard is a ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 ( ... ming-itxac). It worked well, and I was ecstatic to use EVGA's step up program to trade said GTX 1070 in for a 1080Ti. The new monster arrived today, I plugged it in, video. Odd. The card lights up; the fans spin; no functionality. I convinced myself that I wasn't properly seating the card:


So I kept on reseating the card, trying to push it in using various angles of attack. But still no video! I stuck the card in my last computer, and I could see my post and mobo options. Great. The card works! The next step was to try the PCIe slot with other cards I had at hand (in this case, old PCIe WIFI cards). No dice. While examining the mobo, I noticed this capacitor was bent to the side:


Upon righting it, I noticed that the capacitor looked like it had suffered a bit of trauma to the top:

Is it possible that I killed this PCIe slot? My next options are buying a cheap PCIe GPU to test the slot, dropping my baby off at a local repair shop, or replacing the motherboard. The first would only turn up some sort of physical incompatibility that prevented proper seating, the middle would be quite expensive (and useless in the case of a wrecked cap), and the last would require an immensely annoying rebuild (and cash outlay).

Any advice or alternate troubleshooting that I could try? This is very frustrating after waiting a few weeks for the step up RMA. :( :(

When I stick cards in the PCIe slot, the mobo device viewer thingy registers the PCIe slot as empty.
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Re: Dead PCIe Slot *or* Did Kretschmer Wreck a Cap?

Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:05 am

Good to hear you got it going. As far as potential long-term damage to the cap goes, how far over was it bent? As long as the top has not been punctured, and the leads and rubber plug in the bottom were still intact, it's probably OK.

Given its location right next to the Realtek codec, I'd expect that it is being used to smooth out the power rail being fed to the analog audio circuitry. It is probably not critical to overall operation of the motherboard (but you may notice some degradation of audio fidelity if the cap has been damaged).

Edit: I also find it humorous that ASRock advertises "Nichicon Audio" as a feature. Nichicon makes capacitors, not audio codecs. And the Realtek logo on the codec is clearly visible. While the choice of capacitors can indeed affect the fidelity of the audio codec, it's an odd decision from the marketing dept.
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