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Asus Prime x370-Pro BIOS Update

Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:41 pm

I built this system for a customer back shortly after Ryzen's release. I was asked to make a house call last night for his wife's older system and updated the BIOS of the Ryzen system in the mean time.

Went from v.0604 to v.3401 which included multiple revision of AGESA through the 9 BIOS updates since the last version we were on. What a difference. Was not able to get G.Skill 3200 that was on QVL to the supposed supported speeds (2x8gb), would only go for manually setting it at 2933. After the update DOCP to 3200 with perfect timings. It doesn't sit at the POST screen for 15+ seconds anymore. All around things were much snapper on his Ryzen 1700 system.

Just in case anyone was curious if the Ram and timing issues on these and maybe other boards had some relief.
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