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Best mobo for C2D E6850?

Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:47 pm

#1: I don't plan to overclock (overkill) my system, since I'd rather not void any warranties, or be just ANOTHER typical story on the net of someone who cooked their board and/OR couldn't boot their system due to ungodly o'cd speeds. No thanks, default factory-speed will suffice here. #2: I'm not picky about brand names or price, either. I'm going for the features & performance aspect of it rather than shopping strictly by brand name. And just a brief rundown, I plan on 4GB (low-latency, dual-channel 800 MHz) DDR 2, and a couple SLI GTX cards. So, in your opinion (anyone who's up-to-date on today's "best" mobo's for C2D's), which would you recommend? Looking at the vast amount of mobo's available on the market today can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the "best" one. Thanks. --Aaron
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Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:08 am

Welcome to TR. The best i can do is refer you to this for quick research until more up-to-date peoples come on.
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Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:58 am

Well if you're dead set on SLI, your probably going to want either a 680i or 680i LT based board. I'm not sure who makes the best board of those at the moment but I do know that a lot of them are just rebadged nvidia reference boards so they're pretty similar. I'd look for a board with passive chipset cooling though.
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