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North Bridge and South Bridge --- Wats this ?

Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:05 am

Hi Mates,

Can u ppl let us knw wat the terms "North Bridge" and "South Bridge" means in a mobo.
How is this significant in a mobo's performance?

Do we need to look into these facts as well, while choosing new mobos.??

thanks a lot. :D
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Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:50 am

Wikipedia is your friend.

Both the north and south bridge combine to form the chipset, and it is one more the most important things to look at when you are choosing a motherboard. Basically, once you pick a good chipset, almost any motherboard based on it should be pretty good already.

The variation is the south bridge can sometimes be a little different. Take the P35 chipset for example, it can match with the ICH9, ICH9R and ICH9 DO southbridge. This determine things like how many SATA ports, RAID and other features.
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