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Touch HDTV Solutions For Presentations

Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:56 am

Looking for something in the 70inch range, would like to get a 4k if possible.  The Aquos board caught my eye initially: but is limited to 1080.

Anyone have any experience with these types of displays?  It looks like the hardware's ability is a fairly minor differentiator, the software is really what makes the displays shine.  

While the different software solutions are nice and might be used, mostly we are just after the ability to use the existing tool-sets within already installed software (like PDF markup).  Multi touch isn't really necessary, but it seems they all have some degree of it anyways.  Being able to use a stylus too would be a bonus.  In a perfect world, the solution would be able to display the markup session on a remote screen and give the ability to record the session (including audio).  However, I think just simply using something like GoToMeeting, which we already have, would solve that.

I know there are overlays available too, that seems like possibly a better solution?  Kinda nice to be able to swap out each portion separately as it gives much more flexibility.
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