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Benq XL2430T

Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:32 pm


When I'm looking from the far left to the far right of my screen, there is a faint vertical line that appears 2/3 the way across (1/3 of screen is darker) and the vertical line is clear because that's the point at which the screen becomes darker. It's not like a massive difference but it's extremely annoying..

When i put my finger against the normal part of screen it appears as though the screen is tight and the only the areas I touch appear to go water coloured. However, when I touch the darker side it's as if more of the screen becomes affected when i touch it, as though my finger is pushing water down the screen abit more if that makes sense... I was wondering if this could be due to the AG coating becoming slightly looser on the right side of my screen ?

I've tried 144hz, 120hz, 60hz, DVI-D, display port, HDMI (60hz) and nothing changes. I've even tried other power cables but nothing helps.. 

I've contacted benq for a RM1A 1but I'm struggling to obtain an invoice from my seller ATM and they arn't interested unless I have an invoice (All i have is my paypal receipt). Is there anything I can possibly do to fix it if Benq won't help me? I don't mind having to take the thing apart etc?

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