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Re: Can a 144Hz display help reduce eye strain?

Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:48 am

Maybe chalk it up to placebo, but I find reading on my 120hz TN to be quite more pleasureable even if it looks quite a bit worse than my IPS screen.
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Re: Can a 144Hz display help reduce eye strain?

Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:17 am

Dirge wrote:
- I have the brightness down to 30%

There's no standardised brightness scale, so 30% is meaningless. If you don't have a calibrator to measure it then it's just something you have to experiment with to find a comfortable level and if you're using it in a room lit by natural light you may well need to adjust it at different times of the day.

A high quality anti-reflective filter can also make a world of difference if your room lighting is such that they're a problem. Unfortunately I'm not aware of anyone that measures reflectivity of monitors as rtings does for TVs. Generally I'd expect it to be something that improves with higher priced displays.

That is part of the problem, displays tend to improve in several areas as you go for a more expensive model so without trying loads it's always difficult to tell whether an improvement is actually caused by what someone thinks it's caused by.

You could try turning off 'smooth edges on on-screen fonts' in advanced system settings>performance as I find that makes text unnecessarily blurry. Unfortunately some fonts these days rely on smoothing to look correct so it'll cause some text to look a little strange on a normal (non-HiDPI) monitor.
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Re: Can a 144Hz display help reduce eye strain?

Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:50 am

I probably spend 8 hours a day on my work computer and 4 hours on my home one. Work is 2x 60hz E IPS 24" panel and at home I have a 144hz IPS primary and 60hz IPS secondary. I notice immediately when I come home and do the same work on my 144hz. It's markedly more pleasant to do just about anything on, other than basic word processing and emailing. I don't know if it medically reduces eye strain, but I feel much more comfortable doing work on it. It feels more natural, your brain/eyes are doing less interping, so it feels much more relaxing. It's hard to explain without experiencing it.
I was very leery about purchasing one of these more expensive, high refresh rate, IPS panels. I'm very thankful that I made the leap. If you're on the fence and don't have much spare change, I would recommend finding someone who has one that you can use.

SSDs, High refresh rate monitors, mechanical keyboards (i prefer the smooth switches), and high response wireless mice (like the logitech g900) are all things that will greatly enhance your experience and are well worth the investment. I think these are easily the best improvements i've experienced in the PC world in the last ten years.

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