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What causes dead pixels? Could it be user's fault? Help needed

Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:32 pm

Hi, need some help with an issue. A months ago, one of my laptops, an Asus ROG (which is roughly 8 months old), developed a dead pixel and a stuck one. I was irritated in principle, but it was not such a big deal and I paid it no mind, attributing it to bad luck. But today an older laptop I have, a HP G3 430 (which is 5 years old), also developed a dead pixels. Now, two different laptops getting some dead pixels each within the space of one month does raise some questions. The Asus ROG I thought maybe I bumped it somehow, because I travelled with it some days before. But the HP G3 has been sitting on my desk for the last several weeks and has not been moved around at all. I can't think of anything in particular which might have caused this. True, the HP G3 has stayed powered on for a lot of time during the last 6 weeks, almost from dawn till dusk, doing some tasks I ran on it, but that is no different than during other periods in the past when also was "on" for days. And I thought a laptop, or any display, in general, could and should be always to stay powered on for days with no issues, right?
I am at a loss whether I do something to cause dead pixels to my displays. Could anyone have any idea what is happening, 'cause I don't want all my displays to get dead pixels in the immediate future?

PS: Not sure how relevant it is, but both the Asus ROG and the HP G3 had been in the same location when they developed those dead pixels (on my desk office). I'm baffled what could have happened, because I don't quite believe in coincidences, but I can't figure for the life of me what could have caused a dead pixel in this situation.

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