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Monitor not detecting DVI

Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:06 am

Hey guys :)

Alright i'm having a problem here.
My monitor (19 inch widescreen Gateway) is having a problem displaying anything through the DVI port via a DVI cable

The monitor has VGA and DVI but i use the VGA to hook my Xbox 360 up to it.. and just reciently ive been beding the pins to my computer because i have to switch between the 360 and my computer.

I had the DVI cable to my computer and working before and had no problems... then i cant really remember when or why it stopped working...

So i've tried plugging it in before i turn it on and it just doesent detect anything

but then i also tried plugging it in when the computer was already booted into windows. And i hear the little DUN DUN! sound when you plug in a usb device or something of that sort.

But the monitor never actually displays anything...

Now what i cant understand is how the pc knows if its a DVI or VGA cable plugged into it

Because my computer is plugged into a VGA cable but it has a VGA to DVI Dongle and i'm thinking it would be the same...

Other info:
Videocard - EVGA 7800gt 256mb (Has 2 Dvi ports)
Operating system - Windows XP home Sp2 32 bit

Oh and just in case you needed to know the DVI cable i have looks kinda like this

::: ::: -

And on the "-" it has two pins on top and two pins on the bottom
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Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:14 am

Hi, Welcome to TR :D

Please don't attach the monitor when the computer is on. Shut down the PC and attach the monitor and see if it is working.
Also did you check, if any of the pins are bent in the cable or in the card ? if not, please check it.

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