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ClearType or Standard?

29 (62%)
15 (32%)
"Cheese!" Says the Blind Man.
3 (6%)
Total votes: 47
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Re: ClearType or Standard?

Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:58 pm

kvndoom wrote:
I think it says a lot for how different people's eyes work. I had a thread in the Graphics forum complaining about how I missed Quincunx in Nvidia's drivers, because the blurriness actually helped by being easier on my eyes. For others, it caused them eyestrain instead of relief. Seems to be the same with CT. I think it's good to have options like this, because not everyone has the same type or depth of sensitivity in their vision. Curse you, Nvidia, gimme back my 2xQ!!!

If only you had a 3800 eh? The Narrow and Wide Tent filters for those are similar to Quincunx (although it doensn't smear as much as Quincunx did).

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