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Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:21 pm

JustAnEngineer wrote: ... G_0055.jpg ... G_0076.jpg ... G_0097.jpg ... G_0121.jpg ... G_0129.jpg

I'm not totally satisfied with these. I need to work on steadying the tripod mount, and I should check the viewfinder diopter adjustment so that my manual focusing is better. It is interesting the way that the 4-second exposure on the second one smoothed out the waves.

JustAnEngineer wrote:
I went back to the parkway this evening and got more satisfactory results. RTFM helps.

Here's the wide shot: ... G_0174.jpg

Zoomed in slightly, still showing the more prominent buildings in the skyline: ... G_0167.jpg ... G_0185.jpg ... G_0184.jpg
Again, I find it interesting the way that the 4-second exposure in the last one makes the water look very calm.

Here's the zoomed-in version: ... G_0177.jpg ... G_0179.jpg ... G_0181.jpg ... G_0183.jpg

I visited the same vantage point again this evening. It was pretty windy. ... G_1890.jpg ... G_1920.jpg ... G_1922.jpg ... G_1928.jpg ... G_1940.jpg ... G_2001.jpg ... G_2010.jpg ... G_2033.jpg

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