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PC- TV!!!

Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:57 pm

Hello TR!
Just a quick one, I have a whole bunch of home videos recorded in AVCHD format. Now as you probably know, you need a blu-ray player/ PS3 in order to play that format from a DVD/ blu-ray disc (I think). Now I'm kind of mixing technologies in the sense that I only have a standard Def TV, so a blu-ray player is not needed (for now). So to the point, how can I hook my PC to my SDTV using coax cables? (Coax cables just because I have them and the TV is about 12m (35') away from the computer). What kind of adapters do I need? I have a 9800GTX which does have an internal sound input slot. Do I need to use this? Or do I need some crazy DVI- coax/ 1/8 audio- coax adapter/ octopus? Or can I even use coax cables (am I spelling coax right?)

Thanks in advance,
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Re: PC- TV!!!

Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:32 pm

You can use Cat5e/cat6 s-video female jacks. 35' is not an issue for these, you just puch down the cat5 to the jack and plug a s-video cable in both ends. one to the TV and one to the PC.

edit: I read your post sorta to fast. But you can also use adapters from radio shack to convert coax (RG6 and 5) to RCA leads for audio. Then use a 1/8th in jack to stereo RCA ( also from radio shack) for the audio. that is if you mean COAX as in the kind you use to hook cable TV to the TV set. If you mean RCA Type COAX (type you would use to plug in a camcorder to your TV etc. usually yellow,red,& white. Not saying you are a noob at this , just making sure I am helping as much as I can before my wife beats me for being on the PC to long :wink: ), then you would need the adapter that should have came with the card to convert "S-Video to RCA" for video then use the audio out from the PC using the "1/8 in stereo to RCA stereo" converter cable, might be known as a "Y" cable as well.
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