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Samsung LNT4661F an vertical line.

Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:54 pm

First sorry for my english, i am a french guy from Montreal in Canada.

I had a power on problem on my TV after 20 months of use. Googleing the problem made me find your forum and this thread viewtopic.php?f=37&t=62360
I have follow the suggestions in that thread and replace 2 defective capacitors 22000uf, 10V originaly with 105c. But i have only found 2200uf 16V with 80c.
When i have all fix the TV and plugin it, the power on problem has disappear and i had the full image at the first clicking sound. :)
But at my surprise a only one thin red vertical line about from 2 inches of the right side panel was showing. The color of that line was changing depending of the color background.
I have check my HDMI connection of my cable box and try another input like my bluray but the line was still there. At my surprise giving a gentle knock on the frame where the line showing the line has disappeared.
Turning the TV off and on again and the line was not there. But each time i turned the TV when cold that line appears and after 5 or 10 minutes i can fix the line by knocking on the right front panel of the TV and she is
not showing for the time the TV is on.

I have plan to open again the TV and replace that 2 capacitors by others with higher voltage and with the original temperature 105C, but i am not sure it will resolve that vertical line problem. Look to me a loosen connection.
Do you have a idea what connection i should check because when i had open the TV at first time i have been very carefull to not touch anything else then to remove the power supply card only.

Thank you in advance.

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