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Dynex DX-LCD32 - Power on problem

Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:57 pm

Greetings Tech Reporters!

I purchased a 32" Dynex-DX LCD TV about two years back, it is well out of warranty. I'd never had a problem with this glorious contraption of mine, it had always been a very majestic piece of machinery. Unfortunately, it seems ripe problems go hand in hand with growing age :( . It is here that I must ask you, my friends, to assist me in my television's resuscitation.

When I power on, the button activates and becomes green, yet there is no picture available for me to gawk at. I am left with a dark abyss of a screen with no sign of life save a shimmering green circle. When I power the television off, the power indicator switches from a dynamic green to a flashing deep orange, which flickers about five times before powering off completely.

Any further information can and will be provided if necessary! Thank you in advance for your potential help! You guys have a wonderful community here.


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