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Samsung TV Power Board Problem LTN406WX/XAA

Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:53 pm

Hey, I received a broken Samsung 40inch LCD television. Model number: ltn406wx/xaa Power Board Number: BN94-00443w. I plugged in and turned it on to see what the issue was, the screen was in and out of picture. I'm not sure if the sound was working or not, because i had to turn it off quickly because it smelt like it was burning.......which it was. I opened the back of the television and removed the power board, the capacitors and resistors look to be in good shape however when I flipped the board over I discovered a burn mark on the bottom, directly above one of the two rectangle shaped objects (I believe it's a resistor but I'm unsure). I have pictures of the board and close ups of the capacitors, resistors and the burn mark on the bottom. Any advice? Should i just get a new power board? If so, does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks for all the help, I hope the pictures I upload will help some of you with similar problems. THANKS AGAIN!

Board on tv

Capacitors, one has a blue mark on it, don't know if that is blown or not.

Burn Mark On back side of board. (Source of terrible smell)

Close Up

Reverse side of the burn (I don't know if those are resistors or not, the burn is on the top component).

Post any help you can offer, I hope these pictures help someone out there!

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