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Different Samsung LCD TV Problem

Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:14 pm

I have a 1 1/2 year old 40" Samsung LCD HDTV that is now out of warranty. I have 3 components hooked up directly to it via HDMI; a Cable Box, a DVD/VCR Combo, and a Blu-ray Player.

For a while now, I on occasion hear a type of a "popping" sound come out of the TV. This only happens when I play a DVD from one of my players, or when I turn off one of my components, and it also happened once when I was watching a DVD and then switched the source to cable from my cable box. It usually happens when the sound starts on a DVD or when I switch to cable and the sound starts. However, it is intermittent, and does not happen all of the time.

The things that I have done to try to correct it after calling Samsung (who was not any help) is to replace all 3 HDMI cables and replace my Surge Protector. However, it still happens.

My TV is a Samsung Model LN40A750
My Blu-ray Player is a Sony Model BD-S360 (My first one was a Samsung, and it happened with that one also)
My DVD/VCR Combo is a Samsung Model DVD-V9800
My Cable box is a Motorola Model DCX3200

I have talked to a couple of Samsung TV repair people, however, they said that they would of course have to charge me to come out, and if it didn't make the "popping" sound when they were here, it would be a waste of money. What would you do next? The TV was pretty expensive and I don't want it ruined by this. Could it be a Capacitor issue as in the other post? Thanks. :(

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