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Computer to YPBPR

Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:29 pm

So, I bought a Sony KDE61XBR950 off of craigslist for pretty cheap. The thing looks nice and works great, but for HD inputs it has DVI-D and YPBPR inputs. I have a laptop I've been using to watch movies with a x2300 in it. It doesn't have a DVI-D out and only has a standard VGA out and a S-Video jack most Radeons had up till the last few generations. Using the S-Video to the TV (the TV has S-Video inputs too) gives a decent signal, but that's not digital at all. I was hoping to use the YPBPR input and got a breakout dongle out for the S-Video jack on the back of my laptop. However, when I hook it up it looks like it's simply outputting the normal S-Video signal (still, screen only has greytones on one channel) and I have no idea how to make it output a YPBPR signal.

Does anyone have any experience using YPBPR output for HD with Radeons or have any similar issues when trying to use them?

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