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VIZIO VO47L FHDTV10A no picture

Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:34 pm

I have a Vizio VO47L FHDTV10A which would seem to power on (Vizio standby light on front changes from amber to white) but no picture or sound. After a visual inspection, the power supply board (0500-0510-0340) had visibly overheated, burnt resistors in the secondary side, so much so that the traces had lifted from the rear of the board. After replacing the psu with a new unit, I still had the same results. I can hear a relay click "on" and the power light changes, but no picture/sound. After taking some measurements, I feared that the failing PSU had also taken out the main board (3647-0082-0150 (5a)) as well. I replaced the main board and still have the same results! I don’t think it is an inverter/backlight problem because even with a flashlight we can see no picture at all on the screen. I have also tried removing the audio board as a source of the problem. Before I throw any more parts at this (what else could there be?) , does anyone have any advice?

Thank you!

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