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Web Cam doesn't do video

Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:19 pm

I just got a Logitech C920

I hooked it up and installed the software and it doesn't recognize it. Logitech's own software doesn't detect the camera.

It will still search for updates, and it knew that it should get the drivers.

However, in both google hangouts and in skype it only functions as a microphone.

I have tried:
-All the USB ports (originally it was plugged into the usb on my monitor)
-Uninstalling the Logitech webcam software (twice)
-Uninstalling google's plug in

I've restarted multiple times and between steps. I have confirmed that it works on another windows 7 machine, and on a osx laptop. The device itself is good.

I'm totally at a loss now, these things are usually so simple!

My one last thought was somehow the motherboard is not powering the device properly.

I'm so confused!

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