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Any suggestions on the green screen issue?

Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:25 pm

I have a Samsung LN40B530P7N LCD TV, vCN05, and have been experiencing the "green screen" issue. i have reviewed several threads, and have removed the back panel, unhinged the LVDS cable, used aerosol duster, re-attached, and still experienced the issue.

i then moved to contact cleaner, and have seen no change.

any suggestions? should i now replace the LVDS cable?

i connected my laptop to the television to test the colors, and here is a photo of a google chrome tab via the laptop:


and the same screen on the television.


please note that the image on the screen is of a black photograph/background for illustration purposes. the bookmarks bar is the more common coloration issue.

any hints would be of great assistance. thanks!

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