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Sat Jan 05, 2002 4:33 am

Need help finding the best heatsink fan combo for the Northwood 478 P4. I've done some checking on the web and would like your opinions, so feel free to chime in.....
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Mon Jan 07, 2002 2:45 am

There aren't many, but the Swiftech MC478 ought to be tops over anything, seeing as it's the same heatsink that rules the Athlon roost.
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Thu Jan 10, 2002 6:29 pm

I considered the swiftech line too for my new bd7-raid config, but i thought i'd try something a little different...and you may want to at check this outfits product line before you go with swiftech. I had never heard of this company but they are called Zalman and I bought a Zalman all Cu (copper) heatsink...It looks sort of radical and functions as good as a swiftech. A few clockers had suggested it as an alternative and apparently people do think highly of them. I'd be interested in others reaction in this forum. I bought mine from the ""...I thought it would look sweet in a new Lian case with sideview (for my two boys i think?). I was kind of suprised that more vendors weren't ready for the new P4 config...right now selection is pretty slim -

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Sun Jan 20, 2002 10:55 am

I use a Zalman CPNS 5000, which works for Athlon or P4. I like it a lot, though I replaced the fan with a better model, and am considering using a 60-80mm converter. Anyway, it is very quiet, well made, and attaches directly to the mobo. Downside is, it is fairly expensive ($40).

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Sun Jan 20, 2002 11:14 pm

I'm a fan (pun intended) of the Alpha PAL8045. Upsides: it takes an 80mm fan, which 1) if you choose a 4500RPM model, can cool as well as a 60mm that's spinning 2500 RPMs faster, or 2)you can put a 7000K RPM fan on it for more extreme performance, which will rapidly render you deaf. Downsides: 1)it mounts directly to the motherboard, if the motherboard that you choose does not have the 4 mounting holes, its not gonna work, and 2) its freaking huge, it may not fit. If either of these are the case, go with the Alpha PAL6045, the 8045's little brother, which takes a standard 60mm fan.

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