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Weird-ass problem when case is closed.

Wed Apr 10, 2002 10:55 pm


I recently replaced my thermaltake mini dual orb with a thermalright sk6 and it is running cooler with the case closed. However when the case is closed, weird things happen with windows (I've tried 98se and xp, both are screwed). I get to the login sometimes and then reboot or hang. Successive rebooting often fails. If I take the sides off of the case the problem goes away.

I know this sounds like a heat condition and I am going to order a rear case fan tomorrow. However, it was running hotter with the old fan and I never had these problems. It was was getting up to 145 degrees F with the old and is at 122 - 125F at peak.

Is there anyway this can be something else? No wires are getting pinched etc. ANy ideas?



BTW it's a 1.2 gig athlon 256 megs ram win 98se (xp has same probs) 300w, ge4 ti4600, 10/100 card, sb live value.
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Wed Apr 10, 2002 11:49 pm

Are you using a nice thin layer of thermal grease? What motherboard are you using.

I wonder if the temperature sensor inside the socket got pushed down and is recording a lower temperature then it should. I suppose the easiest test would be to put the old HSF back on and see what the temps are then and if it still crashes when the case is closed.
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Thu Apr 11, 2002 8:39 am

hmm... the thickness of the thermal grease was actually one thing I wasn't sure about. How thin is good? What's the best way to remove excess? A lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol? I put it on pretty gently, but I suppose the different clamping mechanism could put more pressure on the socket.


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Thu Apr 11, 2002 8:44 am

Yeah rubbing alcohol is the best to use to remove it. You can also try alcohol pads.
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Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:13 am

A Thin layer like the thickness of a piece of paper. Use a knife blade or a plastic card to apply thinly and evenly. Be careful with the knife, should you choose that, for obvious reasons. Also, it's recommended that you apply goo to the heatsink and rub it in, then wipe it off. You're trying to fill microscopic holes in both the surface of the heatsink and the processor die. If your system is reporting lower temps, it could be (as was said before) that the probe has been moved, and is reporting lower than actual. Those problems you describe are definitely heat-related, I think.

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