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Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:56 am

Hey guys, here is my most recent run. As you can see, I improved my results from my last run slightly. I also took a lot of video of the setup and of how I do my sessions. This is to give you an idea of what it is like to benchmark on dry ice.

The Video(Watch In HD):

The Results:

32m SuperPi Personal Best - 13m 15.140s

This was my 32m run. I cut 15 seconds on my previous result from my last dice run:

1m SuperPi Personal Best - 12.797s

For my 1m run I also cut off time from my previous run: [URL][/img]. Although it was only around 50ms, it took a lot of work just to achieve a faster time.

6 Core Overclock - 5.439GHz - Validation:

Was not stable enough to get a screenie. I tried but no luck.

[B]Single Core Overclock - 5.568GHz - Not Valid


I could not get a screenshot or a valid for this one. It was giving me trouble. Next time however, I will nail this number down and surpass it with a new pot to play with.

If you wanna check out my blog with all my overclocking stuff go here:

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