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Sandybridge Encoding Numbers (Mostly)

Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:56 am

DISCLAIMERS: For the most part these are quicksync numbers featuring the i3-2100 and i7-2600k. I am using an MSI H61 Motherboard. Before you flame me, I got it with the 2100 for $99 on a Microcenter deal. I am waiting for Z68, but wanted to play with something now. 4gb corsair 1333 ram and stock cooling. The other system in the benches is my old system, e8400@3.6-8gb ram-Nvidia260sp216. My friend has one benchmark he ran for me on his phenomII X4 920stock-8gb ram-video card4890(didn't matter for the benchmark). All graphics ran at stock speeds. Overclocking the 2600k to 38x had no effect, computer ran all benches at 3.492.


Super-Pi 1.5, 1M (for fun): 10.04 seconds on the 2600k, load was 13%, top temp was 40C.


Graysky's 264 benchmark 4.0 (2pass) in order of last to first:

e8400: 59.4 first / 12.05 second
i3-2100: 83.0 first/ 16.18 second
X4 920: 88.0 first/ 17.90 second
2600k: 131.0 first/ 35.87 second

Numbers are average frames per second no other stats taken


117 minutes of DVD video 720 x 480, video bitrate 10000 kps, 192kps, 2 channel (source file)
Program Used: Badaboom 2.0
Sandies used quicksync, e8400 used cuda

Test one: Output= 720x404, 29fps, 1530kps vid bitrate, 128kps audio, ipad presets

e8400: 143.0 fps, 24min49sec, 1.35gig file
i2100: 212.0 fps 12min12sec, 1.35gig file, Max temp: 48C, Max Cpu usage: 41%
2600k: 438.0 fps 08min06sec, 1.35gig file, Max temp: 60C, Max Cpu usage: ?

Test two Output: 480x270, 29fps, 980kps vid bitrate 128kps audio, psp presets

e8400: 225.0fps, 12min49sec, 988mb file
i2100: 354.0fps, 10min00sec, 968mb file, Max temp: 51C, Max Cpu usage: 47%
2600k: 382.0fps, 09min16sec, 968mb file, Max temp: 50C, Max Cpu usage: 24%

Just my two cents

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