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Should I change this bios CPU setting for better performance

Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:48 am

In bios I looked at the CPU Turbo Ratio and its set at auto. I can change it to By all cores can adjust in OS - All active cores will be set to one single turbo ratio in OS or to Full unlocked CPU - have to change it in bios. I am not overclocking at all but I do want my CPU to function at the 3.7 G turbo speeds that it says it can reach when its needed. Also in bios it says that CPU turbo velocity is set at 3.7 G, its just above the "ram set at 1600MHZ" but in system settings it says its at 3.3 G, the default frequency. Is "By all cores can adjust in OS" meant just for overclocking?
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Re: Should I change this bios CPU setting for better perform

Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:00 am

Sadly my CPU is pre-turbo so I have yet to mess with such a feature. One big thing is this though, do you have a reason for wanting the faster turbo speed? If not, then I would just recommend leaving it at Auto. I have come to learn in the computer world that unless you have a good reason to OC, its just not worth the trouble you can cause.

Edit: In any respect though, you may want to do it because you are a tinkering type of person. If so, then just set it to .1Ghz higher then the rated turbo and test it out. That will tell you how it works, without screwin the pooch.

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