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i5 760 OC

Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:43 am

Hi I seem to be having trouble finding info on the max multiplier for this chip. I have an i5-750 which turbo's to x24, which gives me 3.2Ghz at stock. Is the 760 supposed to hit 25 or 24?

I'd like to set up a stable OC which will be able to speedstep down to conserve energy when idle. This is on an Asus P7H55D-M EVO btw.

I'm trying to get a stable OC at 166 BCLK which seems reasonable. It's prime95 stable loading 4 cores at x22 (thats 3655Mhz) at 1.200V, and now I want to let it Turbo up to 4Ghz on its own with lighter loads. I'll play with the bios settings some more but it doesn't seem to want to go past x22. Now I know that Turbo is supposed to engage based on power consumption and this may be keeping it from turning on. If that is the case I may be out of options as far as being able to run the CPU past this current speed.

My options seem to be:

1) Set manual Vcore at 1.200V which is stable at 3655Mhz. However when speedstepping down it remains at 1.200V which is not optimal.
2) Set dynamic Vcore via an offset. I set the offset to +0.025V and it pumps it up to 1.31V when running at 3655Mhz but allows a drop to 0.944V when idle (x9), which is nicer. I don't need quite so much voltage at full load but if I lower the voltage offset, it becomes unstable at some point along the multiplier range.
3) Lower BCLK to see if Turbo can kick in...
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