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Bios says SSD failed and is no longer bootable

Thu May 25, 2017 10:03 am

Hey all. Two years ago I bought a really nice laptop that had a SSD and a HDD drive in it. I used my SSD for pretty much everything including my operating system. However, the other day I got a kernel error when my computer crashed. Now it says no media is present and boots into the bios screen. When I go to the intel rapid storage technology screen, it says that my SSD raid volume has failed and is no longer bootable. However, if I try to reinstall Windows, my SSD drive still shows up but it says unallocated space. So I guess I have two questions.

1) is there any way I can fix this myself? Or do I have to send it in to be repaired/ replaced?

2) is all of my data gone? I'd really hate for it all to be gone but it isn't the end of the world since I pretty much saved my REALLY important stuff on my other drive. However, id love to get some of it back
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Re: Bios says SSD failed and is no longer bootable

Thu May 25, 2017 10:06 am

1) Probably not, it sounds like a controller failure. Albeit the drive might have recovered itself (temporarily?).
2) It's gone if you do anything at all to the drive. The flash chips presumably have the data still, but you're going to a need fancy/advanced/expensive recovery service to get any of that back. Is the data worth 4 figures?
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Re: Bios says SSD failed and is no longer bootable

Thu May 25, 2017 10:26 am

It's risky, because who-knows-what could happen to the drive, but if you put it in a USB enclosure and plug it into the PC, there's a chance it just comes up and you can get your stuff. But like Vhalidictes mentioned, if something is done to the drive, the data is gone. So that's really a last resort if you can't come up with money for a recovery service.
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Re: Bios says SSD failed and is no longer bootable

Thu May 25, 2017 11:53 am

It is possible that the failure is actually on the laptop's motherboard; if that's the case you may be able to salvage the data by plugging the drive into another system.
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