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Spacesniffer and Unaccessable Space

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:27 am
by biggles99
Hi everyone,

Every time I delete files, the space does not free up and keeps making what Spacesniffer calls "Unaccessable Space" my Free space on the hard drive never increases, it just gets smaller and smaller and the "Unaccessable Space" gets bigger.

I have confirmed as far as I am able that it is not Windows restore points either
Windows 10
Running spacesniffer as an administrator
I have run ccleaner many times
I have done command prompt as admin chskdsk /f /r and that does not do it

Anyone else have thoughts?
Am I able to upload a picture of the spacesniffer screen?

Thanks for any help you can be...

Re: Spacesniffer and Unaccessable Space

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:48 am
by Aranarth
Are you deleting files so they show up in the recycle bin or are permanently deleting them so the only way to get them back is to use recuver and the like?

If you are only sending to the recycle bin and not emptying the bin your free space will not change.

Also there are real files and there are pointers also known has soft and hard links.

You can delete a link but that does not delete the file, a good example of this is the sxs folder in windows. This folder usually only contains links and not files so if you delete anything there (BAD IDEA) you don't actually create any disk space.